Blood & Glory

3/4/5th November 2017

Tickets On Sale Now

What is Blood and Glory?

Welcome to The Bad Dice gaming convention - Blood and Glory 2017.

This event is set to be the biggest and best Bad Dice event yet. We have an amazing new venue that can hold up to 700 players and we intend to fill it!

The Games Workshop Community team will be at the event Live streaming from the various tournaments being played over the weekend

The Age of Sigmar and 40k Matched Play GT's are going to be huge but we also have plenty going on for players who prefer Narrative and Open play.

Warhammer Achievements is a Age of Sigmar Narrative play event and we are welcoming the Imperial Truth team who are running a Horus Heresy narrative event.

So if you want to test your AoS and 40k skills against the best players in the world, see amazing painted models and hang out for a weekend of gaming then grab a ticket before they sell out.

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    Blood and Glory 40k and the ITC

    I have submitted the details for the 40k event at Blood and Glory to the ITC. For those that don’t know, the ITC is an international rankings system ran by Frontline gamine.  You can see more info on the ITC website. Frontline Gaming’s Independent Tournament Circuit

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  • Unknown

    40k Entry list – B+G2017

    Here is the entry list for all the Warhammer 40000 Players so far at Blood and Glory 2017 1 Pavandip Aujla 2 Mark Gebhard 3 james karch 4 Robert Crouchley 5 Alex Harrison 6 Timothy KING 7 Mark Borland 8 Luke barwick 9 James Smith 10 Darryl Steventon 11 Zachary Becker 12 Christopher Eaves 13 […]

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  • age-of-sigmar-logo

    Age of Sigmar Entry List

    Here is the entry list so far for Age of Sigmar players at Blood and Glory 2017 1 Mark Paddon 2 peter scholey 3 John Southgate 4 Richard Elsdon 5 andrew bryan 6 Adam Rawson 7 Joseph Mather 8 Carl Martin 9 Terry Pike 10 Thomas Fldes 11 paul haley 12 John Poole 13 +1 […]

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  • Local Hotels for Blood and Glory 2017

    Blood and Glory has moved venue to the amazing Roundhouse in Derby. We are very close to the Derby Train Station and surrounded by hotels.  Here is  a list of the closest places to stay. Event Location – The Round House, Roundhouse Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JE Hotel Address Price per night Distance Website […]

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  • Warhammer Achievements tickets are now on sale.

    Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Warhammer Achievements 5 Games of narrative driven fun AoS battles. Variable army sizes 5 games, 2 day event Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017 Win by doing cool stuff and making fun decisions rather than battlefield prowess.    

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  • The Grand Alliance Community

    Blood and Glory has a new home at the Grand Alliance Community. All discussions, news update and information will be posted in the Blood and Glory event thread and tickets are on sale in the store on that site. The Grand Alliance is the best place online to chat about Age of Sigmar, keep up to […]

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