How to find, and park at the Blood and Glory Venue.

How to find, and park at the Blood and Glory Venue.

Hi, its Blood and Glory tomorrow so I wanted to make sure everyone knows how to find the venue and let you all know where is the best place to park you cars

Head straight for reception

The building that you can see here is the main reception of the college.

If coming on Friday, when you arrive just head into there and say you have come to play Warhammer and someone will escort you to the right part of the building.

On Saturday morning there will be security on the gate to wave you through.

Where to park?

If you are staying in a local hotel then leaving your car at the hotel and walking into teh venue is sth best option.The Roundhouse has a car park that is £2 to park.  This will be open from 4pm on Friday and from 8am Saturday and Sunday.

If you are arriving on Friday before 4pm (to play Shadespire) then you will need to find the somewhere else to park.  The nearest pub is restricted parking so do not stay there.  The train station NCP is very expensive. The best 2 options are ‘The Point’ carpark which is the nearest car park to teh round house or Park and Ride from Derby Sports Arena.  This should take 2 mins on the bus.

The Point – Green parking –

Pride Park park and ride –

If not parking at the venue there is a drop off bay outside for unloading.


One last thing.

We are registering from 12 on Friday with Shadespire kicking off at 2pm and the evening seminar starts at 9pm

There is the chance to buy the new Shadespire Warbands, build them and enter the tournament, if you are coming down later in the evening then we have a bar open until midnight and food available to buy until 9pm.

Open gaming space will be available all day Friday and into the evening.

Happy to help.

If you need any help just reply to this email and I will be in touch.

See you at the event!