Age of Sigmar Blood and Glory Rulespack

The Blood and Glory Age of Sigmar rules pack is here.

This pack is 100% set in stone, there will however be an ADDITION to the pack to regarding TIEBREAKERS as a 200 player event with 5 rounds will result in a high number of players being on the same points totals for each bracket.

We are working on a secondary objective system that will be in play in each of the games in the AoS Championships.

These secondary objectives are still to be confirmed.  This will not change the result of a game, the battle plan will still decide that, but they will be the difference in who will win the event when 2 players are on equal battlepoints.

I want to post these by the 1st October but we ‘might’ leave it until registration to ensure they are properly tested.

Some Highlights from the rules pack.

Army Selection:

Armies can be unto 2000 points and are selected using the Battlehost Rules and Pitched Battle Profiles.
The following rules sections will be in use:
• Warscroll Battalions
• Allegiance Abilities
• Pitched Battles
• Realm of Battle
• Endless Spells


TERRAIN NOT REQUIRED. This year, we can happily tell you that all terrain will be provided for you. We’ll have a good selection of area semi LOS blocking and full LOS blocking terrain available for every table, so most armies should feel at home. When arriving at a table. If a piece of terrain is a Games Workshop model and has a Warscroll, then that Warscroll will be in use. Otherwise you should generate a terrain type using the Scenery chart.


Each round we will be playing one of the 18 Battleplans from the Age of Sigmar Core Rules and the Generals Handbook (listed on Pg49 of GHB18).
Additionally, we will be playing each round in a a different Realm of Battle and and using the Realm Magic, Realm Commands and Realmscape Features for that realm found in the Core Book and Malign Sorcery.


The full event timetable is here:

If you are considering coming along and still need to get a ticket you can do so here