Blood and Glory Saturday Evening entertainment 2019

The Saturday Night at Blood and Glory is going to be amazing.  We have some fantastic things planned for the event and hope everyone hangs out at the venue.

We will be using the main gaming hall and have taken over the Engine Shed restaurant inside the Blood and Glory venue and will be having an after gaming party.

There is still gaming space available for those of you taking part in the Ironman event, Side Events and anyone wanting open gaming or to just hang out at chat at the gaming tables.

Food and drinks will be served all evening and you will have a chance to relax away from the main gaming hall while still staying on site and hanging out with fellow gamers and exchanging war stories.

Games Workshop preview seminar

As in previous years the Games Workshop Preview seminar will be help at Blood and Glory.  We get an advanced look and some the cool stuff they are working on and releasing in the coming months. 

Bar Menu

This year we have managed to get some fantastic bar prices and have a wide selection of food and drink. Our prices are cheaper than any of the local hotels and venues.


Blood and Glory food

Some highlights of the evening will be:

Warhammer Champions.

Play Fusion will be onsite Demoing the Warhammer Champions app and card games. take part in mini-tournaments, win exclusive game mats and have a chance to purchase event exclusive products.

The Charity Raffle

On Saturday evening at Blood and Glory we will be holding The Element Games charity raffle.

Every person sticking around for the evening will get 1 free raffle ticket but we will also have the opportunity to purchase more tickets. Everything raised by the raffle will be donated to a charity chosen but the events team.

Many thanks to Element Games who have supported us by providing the prizes for the charity raffle.

Open Gaming

The smaller of our two gaming halls will remain open for the evening for out Saturday night events and open gaming.  Take part in one of our fast and fun tournaments and chat to the Ironmen as they have their final attempt at getting points on the board!