Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory – All the event info

Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory – All the event info

Here is all the information you will need about the Horus Heresy events at Blood and Glory – 2/3/4th November 2018 in Derby.

There are 2 Horus Heresy events over the weekend. I’ll start with a summary of the events then go into more details below.

Friday 2nd November.

Enemy Sighted – The Quick and the Dead. This a 1000 point Centurion event set in the early stages of the kor’eish campaign and will set up the full invasion.
19:00 Registration. 3 Rounds running 19:15 – 23:00

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Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th 

Retribution – A 2 day 5 game 3000 point Narrative event.
Saturday: 08:30 Registration. 3 Games running from 09:30 – 18:45
Sunday: 2 Games running from 09:45 – 17:00

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Enemy Sighted

Event registration is from 19:00 with games starting from 19:15.

There will be 3 rounds and then awards which will conclude at 23:00

The event will be using the Centurion Mode rules pioneered by the Eye of Horus podcast with armies being 1000 points.

You can download the rules pack here: http://theimperialtruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Enemy-Sighted.pdf


Event registration is Saturday 08:30 with games starting from 09:30.

Saturday consists of 3 rounds starting from 09:30 and concluding at 18:45. Sunday games run from 09:45 with announcements and awards finishing at 17:00.

Games are played at 3000 point levels, grudges are allowed for each round.

You can download the rules pack here: https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Blood-Glory-2018-Player-Pack.pdf