Age of Sigmar at Blood and Glory – Event Details

Age of Sigmar at Blood and Glory – Event Details.

This is from the 2018 event but give you an idea of what to expect in future years. This page will be updated to reflect what is happening at this years event

We have 4 Age of Sigmar events at Blood and Glory 2018.

Friday morning – Vanguard

This is a single play 1200 points event

Saturday Evening Vanguard Mini

This is a fast a furious 700 points single event

Age of Sigmar Championships

The full weekends championship event


Skirmish is not taking place in 2019 but was previously held on teh saturday night.  This year we have other plans for Saturday evening. 

B&G AoS Rulespack Final 2018

B&G Skirmish Rulespack Final 2018

B&G Vanguard Events Rulespack Final 2018

Here is the full event timetable for 2018