Friday at Blood and Glory

With only a couple of day to go I wanted to let you all know how to get to the venue and what to expect at the event on friday as we kick things off.

In summary – Events all day and Night.  Games Workshop Seminar, Open gaming, Bar and Food!

The venue

The Roundhouse, Derby College,
Roundhouse Road,
Pride Park,
DE24 8JE

Parking is available on Friday just next door to the venue, but over the weekend the carpark at the Roundhouse is also open.

The events kick off at 11am Friday morning with the Underworlds Grand Clash, followed closely by Age of Sigmar and 40k events, along with Titanucus,

Tickets are still avaliable for these events so if you fancy coming along early and joining in you can pay on the day.

Friday Evening

Friday evening see the return of the Games Workshop Design Studio seminar.

Last year we had an early look at Malign Portents and the latest Underworlds Warbands, this year is going to be just as exciting. You will also have the chance to chat with the team behind Age of Sigmar and 40k.

We have gaming taking place all evening with events for all systems.

Bar and Food

The bar is open from lunchtime and will be serving all night long.  Food is also available.

Open gaming

If you fancy hanging out and playing some pickup games the venue is open and we have lots of space! Come along and hang out!

Here is the full weekend timetable