Friday at Blood and Glory

With only a couple of day to go I wanted to let you all know how to get to the venue and what to expect at the event on friday as we kick things off.

In summary – Events all day and Night.  Games Workshop Seminar, Open gaming, Bar and Food!

The venue

The Roundhouse, Derby College,
Roundhouse Road,
Pride Park,
DE24 8JE

Parking is available on Friday just next door to the venue, but over the weekend the carpark at the Roundhouse is also open.

The events kick off at 11am Friday morning with the Underworlds Grand Clash, followed closely by Age of Sigmar and 40k events, along with Titanucus,

Tickets are still avaliable for these events so if you fancy coming along early and joining in you can pay on the day.

Friday Evening

Friday evening see the return of the Games Workshop Design Studio seminar.

Last year we had an early look at Malign Portents and the latest Underworlds Warbands, this year is going to be just as exciting. You will also have the chance to chat with the team behind Age of Sigmar and 40k.

We have gaming taking place all evening with events for all systems.

Bar and Food

The bar is open from lunchtime and will be serving all night long.  Food is also available.

Open gaming

If you fancy hanging out and playing some pickup games the venue is open and we have lots of space! Come along and hang out!

Here is the full weekend timetable


40k at Blood and Glory 2018 – All the info in one place.

Warhammer 40,000 at Blood & Glory 2018

Here is all the information you need for playing in the Warhammer 40,000 events at Blood & Glory 2018. Over the 3 days of events you’ll be able to test yourself over 3 different formats along with kill team.

Friday –12.00 Registration with Game 1 at 12.30

1000pt Outrider Event. These will be played using randomized missions from Chapter Approved 2017 using both a mix of Eternal War and Maelstrom of War missions. Bring your 1000pt army and play some quickfire games with us after lunch on the Friday.

Friday – 20.00 Registration with Game 1 at 20.15

600pt Outrider Event. Playing 3 rapid fire games using custom missions revealed on the day you’ll be battling with your skirmish force against opponents to either strengthen your beachhead or strengthen your grip the settlements under your control. Playing 600pt games late into the evening is something we’re hoping takes your fancy.

The pack for both outrider events can be found here – Blood and Glory Outrider Events

Saturday and Sunday –08:00 Registration.  1st game 09:00 both days

The Blood & Glory Warhammer 40,000 Championship runs on both Saturday and Sunday during the day. This is the 1750 main event. Playing the missions shown below over 5 games we’ll be battling to crown our Grand Champion. We’ve had a few questions regarding missions so we’ll list them here as well.

  1. Scouring & Sealed Orders
  2. No Mercy & Recon
  3. Resupply Drop & Tactical Gambit
  4. Big Guns Never Tire & Targets of Opportunity
  5. Dominate and Destroy & Race to Victory

To clarify, when playing Big Guns Never Tire, objectives 5 & 6 are still placed and used for Maelstrom Cards but only 1-4 are used for the purposes of Big Guns Never Tire. We will also be having players roll for their deployment on a table by table basis as you would do for a standard game of Warhammer 40,000.

The rulespack for the Championship can be found here – B&G1840k events pack

Saturday evening – 20:00 Registration

Saturday evening sees a Kill Team Event making it’s first appearance at Blood and Glory. This  should be wrapped up in plenty of time for you to make it back to your beds ready for Sunday and the 2nd day of the Championship event.

Kill Team rules pack (Thanks Nova Open! )  –

If you have any questions about any of the 40k events please contact us using the form below



Looking forward to seeing you at the event,

Blood and Glory Saturday Evening entertainment!

The Saturday Night at Blood and Glory is going to be amazing.  We have some fantastic things planned for the event and hope everyone hangs out at the venue.

We will be closing the main gaming hall and have taken over the Engine Shed restaurant inside the Blood and Glory venue and will be having an after gaming party.

There is still gaming space available for those of you taking part in the Ironman event, Side Events and anyone wanting open gaming or to just hang out at chat at the gaming tables.

Food and drinks will be served all evening and you will have a chance to relax away from the main gaming hall while still staying on site and hanging out with fellow gamers and exchanging war stories.

Bar Menu

This year we have managed to get some fantastic bar prices and have a wide selection of food and drink. Our prices are cheaper than any of the local hotels and venues.


Blood and Glory food

You can pre-book your evening meal and get over 15% saving at just £5.50 a meal.

Order Food Now


Some highlights of the evening will be:

Warhammer Champions.

Play Fusion will be onsite Demoing the Warhammer Champions app and card games. take part in mini-tournaments, win exclusive game mats and have a chance to purchase event exclusive products.

The Element Games Charity Raffle

On Saturday evening at Blood and Glory we will be holding The Element Games charity raffle.

Every person sticking around for the evening will get 1 free raffle ticket but we will also have the opportunity to purchase more tickets. Everything raised by the raffle will be donated to a local Children’s charity, Cartoon Heroes. Jess from Cartoon Heres will be at the event selling tickets and drawing the raffle. 

Already in the prize pot are copies of Titanucus, Kill Team, Night Vault, and lots more to be added in the run up to the event.

Many thanks to Element Games who have supported us by providing the prizes for the charity raffle.

Open Gaming

The smaller of our two gaming halls will remain open for the evening for out Saturday night events and open gaming.  Take part in one of our fast and fun tournaments and chat to the Ironmen as they have their final attempt at getting points on the board!

Terrain Building Q+A

There will be a demo table of the terrain we have built for the event.  Ben, Steve and Andy will be on hand to answer questions and give pointers on how we were able to build over 1000 bits of terrain across 3 games systems for Blood and Glory this year.

Get you and your mates on the guest list for the Saturday night and be in with a chance at winning the first round of drinks on us!

Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory – All the event info

Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory – All the event info

Here is all the information you will need about the Horus Heresy events at Blood and Glory – 2/3/4th November 2018 in Derby.

There are 2 Horus Heresy events over the weekend. I’ll start with a summary of the events then go into more details below.

Friday 2nd November.

Enemy Sighted – The Quick and the Dead. This a 1000 point Centurion event set in the early stages of the kor’eish campaign and will set up the full invasion.
19:00 Registration. 3 Rounds running 19:15 – 23:00

Get Tickets for Friday Evening

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th 

Retribution – A 2 day 5 game 3000 point Narrative event.
Saturday: 08:30 Registration. 3 Games running from 09:30 – 18:45
Sunday: 2 Games running from 09:45 – 17:00

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Enemy Sighted

Event registration is from 19:00 with games starting from 19:15.

There will be 3 rounds and then awards which will conclude at 23:00

The event will be using the Centurion Mode rules pioneered by the Eye of Horus podcast with armies being 1000 points.

You can download the rules pack here:


Event registration is Saturday 08:30 with games starting from 09:30.

Saturday consists of 3 rounds starting from 09:30 and concluding at 18:45. Sunday games run from 09:45 with announcements and awards finishing at 17:00.

Games are played at 3000 point levels, grudges are allowed for each round.

You can download the rules pack here:

Warhammer Underworlds at Blood and Glory – All the event info

Here is all the information you will need about the Warhammer Underworlds events at Blood and Glory – 2/3/4th November 2018 in Derby.

There are 5 Underworlds events over the weekend. I’ll start with a summary of the events then go into more details below.

Friday 2nd November.

The Grand Clash.
10am Registration. 4 rounds running 11am-7pm

Friday Evening

4 Round single match Tournament
8pm – 10.30pm

Saturday 3rd November

3 Round best of 3 format tournament
10am – 6PM

Saturday Evening

4 Round single match Tournament
8pm – 10.30pm

Sunday 4th November

3 Round best of 3 format tournament
9.30am – 5.30PM

The Underworlds Grand Clash

Similar to last year, the Blood and Glory event kicks off with the Warhammer Underworlds Grand Clash.

This is opening for registration at 10am with the battles starting at 11am.

There will be 4 rounds running until 7pm where the winner will be announced and the Grand Clash prize support will be given out.

This is a full Grand Clash event with prize support and Games Workshops event team on site to run things.

The players who finish 1st and 2nd in the Grand Clash will be invited back on Saturday evening to face off in a feature event.

The Grand Clash and all Underworlds events over the weekend will be using the full Nightvault and Shadespire rules

Download the rules pack.


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Friday and Saturday Evening events

These two events both follow the same format.  4 Rounds, single game events.

Kicking off at 8pm and running until 10.30

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Friday and Saturday Evening events

These two events follow the same format.  3 Rounds, best of three events.

Saturday kicks off at 10am and running until 6pm
Sunday kicks off at 9.30am and finishes at 5.30pm

Get Saturday Tickets Get Sunday Tickets

If you have any questions please use the contact for below, we hope to see you at the event.


Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory – Entrants List

Here is the entrants list for Horus Heresy at Blood and Glory

Currently at 62 Players

Jonathan Berry
Matthew Russell
Ross Daly
Giles King
Matthew Dix-Williams
Mark Ainsworth
Jack Davenport
Richard Adams
Douglas Price
Robert-mark Gear
Jonathan Redmond
william henry
jack boland
Joe Freeman
Glen Simmons
Lex Head
Pete Rees
Reuben Smith
Mark Frost
Robert Symes
Stuart Witcombe
Thomas Broom
Stephen Exall
Matt Woodsmith
Michael Lansdown
Craig Read
Colin MacLeod
Tim Bland
Peter Coysh
Clinton Wayne
Derek Brough
Daniel Adams
Jack Thompson
John Goble
Philip Spencer
Rob Hoyle
Chris Mills
Graham Mills
Callum Cross
Justin Hill
Ozzie Lennon
Peter Lennon
Michael Virks
Will Foxton
Paul McCabe
Craig Dolan
Robert Ing
Alex Ulster
Tom Sargent
Antony Humphrey
Chris Legg
Tom Hall
Sam Shaw
Charles Nevill
Cerri Love
Tony Spamer
Brett Packham
Ben Williams
Andy O’Reilly
Tom Whitbrook
Michael Rainsbury
Chris Eustace

Warhammer Achievements at Blood and Glory – Entrants List

Here is the latest entrants list for Warhammer Achievements at Blood and Glory.

Jake Henstock
Adrian Ratcliffe
Phil Dodd
Charles Nolan
Jonathon Charles
Damien Medhurst
Ol Barrett
Joe Shepherd
Tim Dagnall
Chris Stone
Tom Fownes
Tom Hewitt
Mark Tucker
Adam Poolman
Martin Onderdonck
Joshua Steele
Laurence Filtness
Daniel Barwick
Steve Foote
Ben Johnson
Matt Brett
Matt Dawson
Rob Noyes
John Harrison
Andy Davies
Declan Waters
Rob Brunton
Lawrence East
Ben van Buul
Chris Nielsen
Tom Linington
Matt Gherardi
Jon Flindall
Patrick Taylor
Andy Woods
Jason Hodgkinson
James Warth

40k Championships updated entry list

Hi everyone,

Here is the entry list for the 40k championships.

If you think you should be on the list but do not see your name, please contact us using the form below.

Ash Loftus
Alex Woodcraft
Paul Nichols
Terry Haverty
Dan Rush
Dan Whitfield
Gareth Howard
Jon Scrivens
Tom Trueman
Mark Crombleholme
Ben Stanley
simon bromley
Luke Hewitt
Martyn Carter
Daniel Orton
Simon Stocks
Adam Bell
Daniel Marriage
Luke Barwick
Colm McCarthy
Edwin Heapy
Peter Gregory
Wlodek Chimiak
Christopher Appleford
Stuart Ream
Sean Gill
Duncan Peacock
Steve Scribbins
Daniel Thomas
Zak Skipper-Byer
Malik Amin Rubio
Andrew Bourbon
Rick Nightingale
Tess Yoxall
James Grover
Aaron Rankin
Peter Spratt
Kat Binley
Rhuairidh James
Ash Thompson
Gaz Jones
Adam Laurence
Jonathan Cook
Chris Catling
Konrad Bartkiewicz
Gav Roath
Chris Frosin
Alex Pritchard-smith
Mark Spencer
Daniil Osudin
Scott Nicholls
Vincent Chan
Shaun Molyneux
Ricky Molyneux
Chris Nettleship
Andy Snell
Tom Grayson
Daniel Sykes
David McGill
Matthew Trickett
Byron Sidhu
Paul Wallis
Alex Cable
Thomas Higginbottom
Craig Shephard
Adam Sinclair
James Vance
Andy Munden
Nick Peart
Ben Gummer
Peter Wilkinson
Daniel Farrell
Neil Peckett
Tom Leighton
Leo Kyp
liam callebout
Matthew Holbrow
John Ellison
Dean Murphy
Andrew Matthews
Peter Walker