Local Accommodation

Blood and Glory is drawing near and I have been asked a few time for the best place to stay close to the venue.

If you are looking for hotels the 2 that I recommend are both Premier Inns

Derby West
Uttoxeter New Road, Manor Park Way,
Derby DE22 3HN

Derby South
Foresters Leisure Park, Osmaston Park Road, Derby,
Derbyshire DE23 8AG

They are both around 2.5 miles to the venue so its a fair way to walk but would only be a few quid in a taxi.

If you can’t get in at these 2 hotels you can search for other places near to the venue

The Grange Banqueting Suite
457 Burton Road
DE23 6XX

Some of the really close places to the venue are listed below but I can’t vouch for the quality of them as I have never stayed there.

Thornhill Lodge Guesthouse – This is the closest to the venue, less than 5 mins walk. (Owner sounded nice on the phone but wouldn’t offer any discounts if I recommended them) Around £70 for a twin room. They have 10 rooms

International Hotel – Never been there myself but a large and reportedly good hotel.  1 mile from the venue, on the same road as the venue.  Close to city center for those that fancy a night on the town.

Hill House Hotel – Next to the international.  not far from venue and city centre.  no idea on this one.

WFB Championships Tickets Back On Sale

WFB Championships

Tickets for the WFB Championships are back on sale!

[button link=” https://bloodandglory.baddice.co.uk/store/warhammer-championships” size=”large”]Get WFB Championships Tickets[/button]

These tickets are extremely limited in number so be quick if you want to take part.  These are the only tickets that will be available for the championships and once gone only players dropping out will release more spaces.







Saturday Night Seminars

Painting Seminar

On Saturday evening at Blood and Glory we will be hosting a number of free seminars

Ben Johnson will be talking about army painting to a high standard.  Ben Curry will be talking about Gaming and later in the evening a 2nd seminar on podcasting and Marcus Pitt will be talking on The Horus Heresy.

The time table for the seminars is


Saturday 8pm – Painting

Saturday 8.30pm – Gaming

Saturday 9pm – Horus Heresy

Saturday 9.30pm – Podcasting


There has been some confusion around the schedule for the seminars as they were previously advertised as being held on Friday but I can confirm that the above timetable is correct.



Entrants Lists Updated and More Tickets To Be Released.

Entrants Lists Updated and More Tickets To Be Released.

The entrants have been updated for all of the events running over the weekend.  Visit the page for each separate event to see the list of entrants, you can find links to them all on the main events page

I am also able to announce the release an additional 16 tickets for the Warhammer Championships taking us up to 96 places.  These will be going on sale at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd July 2013.  Demand is huge so you will need to be quick to get your hands on these tickets.




Painting Amendment

painting amendment

I want to announce a slight amendment to our painting rules.  The following section will be added to the painting rulespack.



An army that is not Cohesive will be capped at 10 Painting Points.

When looking for an army to be cohesive we want to see that the whole army looks like it is all part of the same army and does not look like it has been borrowed from a few different sources.

If you are unsure about your own army, send us some photos to ask.


When we wrote the painting rules one of our goals was to “Award players of all levels for putting in the effort to create a nice looking army”.  Since its release we have noticed that there was a loophole in that a player could bring an army where none of the units matched one another, yet they all meet the painting points and could in theory achieve a maximum score while looking exactly what they are, a collection of unconnected paint jobs.  We think this will encourage players to not do this, while leaving room so those that have to borrow a unit to finish an army can still meet the minimum standard.

We have deliberately left this wording to be quite subjective and it will be the events teams decision that is final, but here are some very strong guidelines as to what we will be looking for:

What will be considered cohesive:

  • WiP units – Some are painted to the basic level while other are painted to an advanced level.
  • Units that look different due to style of painting scheme but based the same and some attempt to tie the army scheme together has been made. (Multi-God Daemons or Warriors of Chaos for example)

What will not be considered cohesive:

  • Units that look clearly from 2 (0r more) different armies.
  • Units that are painted the same as the army but have a different basing scheme

If anyone feels that these changes will effect their enjoyment of the event and no longer wishes to attend we will be happy to refund your ticket.  If this is the case please get in touch via the contact page

The latest amendment to the painting rules pack will be released in a few days and will be available on our Downloads Page

WFB 1200 and WFB 500 rules packs now online

I have just posted the rules packs for the WFB 1200 and WFB 500 events.

These 2 events are running on friday and are filling up fast so if you want to get involves make sure you sign up before they go the way of the championships and sell out.

You can find the packs as well as all the other useful information on the Downloads page.

There has also been a few tweeks to correct the Painting and Championships rules packs, make sure you have the latest version by checking the numbet on the back page.

Warhammer Championships – Sold Out

WFB Championships

All 80 tickets for the Warhammer Championships are sold out.

The tickets never went out on general sale and were snapped up by snake eyes members.

If tickets become available due to returns they will be added back into the store so make sure you follow Blood and Glory on Twitter to get the news as soon as they become available.

You can still get involved in the event by taking part in the side events or attending one of the seminars.  Tickets for these will be going on sale at 8pm Wednesday evening.