Age of Sigmar entry list updated

Age of Sigmar entry list updated

Hi everyone.

Here is the updated entry list for the Age of Sigmar championships.

If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


Ollie Fox
Shane Hurley
Paddy O’Sullivan
Tomas Erling
Andy Talbot
Christian Moore
John Dale
Gabriel Huddlestone
Dan Smedley
Josh Bloor
lukas madaj
Mat Oswald-Haggett
matthew bennett
Matthew Pardoe
Les Martin
Tom Bailey
Reece West
Wayne Rendell
Kane Holloway
Matthew Feltham
Matt Hinton
Thomas Waller
Adrian McWalter
Chris Carroll
Stuart Millar
Steven Ward
Andy Barnes
Andy Hughes
James Perrin
Rob Perrin
Pete Scholey
Phil Evans
Marc Brookes
Will Barton
Jonny Statham
Richardt Olsen
Regin Olsen
Henrik Salomonsen
Ken Chambers
Ritchie Santisteban
Gaz Taylor
Andrew Chapman
Russell Veal
Bryan Hatchett
Matthew Castle
Adrian Dowey
Ian O’Brien
Ritchie Mcalley
Dan Mitchell
Paul Cook
Callum Slater
Luke Power
Chris Green
Tom Mawdsley
Harry Sanderson
Carl Smith
Alex Bruce
Liam Cook
Mark Busby
Matthew Robinson
Donal Taylor
Simon Holmes
Nigel Chorlton
Carl Hewson
Dan Shaw
Mark Paddon
Matt Robertson
Collin Collar
Ric Myhill
Chris Myhill
Andy Scott
John Yates
Eirik Lanes
Matthew Goulesbrough
Ian Ralph
Forrest Wilhoite
Lee Badcock
Nick Hyland
Rob Peck
Richard Arnold
Jon Barwise
Andrew Bryan
Brad Schwant
Andrea Schwandt
Lee “TUGGY” Kay
Philip Jenkins
Rob Nixon
Chris Hibbins
Luke Whitehead
Paul Whitehead
Daniel Scott
Paul Coram
David McElroy
Sam Watson
Matt Tinsdale
Joe Purcell
Ben Booker
Christopher Nobbs
Richard Fitzmaurice
Ian Spink
Lee Bromley
Matthew Thompson
Tim Cragg
Jack McQuiggin
Tom Lees
James Tinsdale
James Grant
Robert Bradley
Daniel White
James Grant
Chris Cook
Charles Fryer
Angus Brain
Dan George
Carl Kennard
Maxime Julian
Benjamin Savva
Steve Curtis
Mark Curtis
Carl Martin
Marc Wilson
Marc Pavey
Charles Sealey
Ross McGowan
Owyn Abram
Pete Bradley
Simon Froley
Paul Berrudge
Morten Winkel
Alexander Hansen
Martin Clarke
Joe McGough
Adam Hughes
Alex Jones
Craig Namvar
Leo Rautonen
Michael Wilson
Andy Dunn
Jack Mayland
James Allen
Ash Liddington
Sam Sendell
Shaun Lang
Joe Clark
Chris Tomlin
Jon Green
Jamie Harmer
Oliver Lockwood
Johnny Armstrong
James Eveleigh
Aaron Hazell
Craig Chesters
Aaron Walters
Lewis Swan
Ben Harper
Justin Waine
Thomas Landy
Max PEarson
Ricky Mee
James Karch
Miles Hewitt
Paul Haley
Steve Hursell
Joe logan
Jon Williams
Rob Boyce
Kieron Allender
Paul Buckler
Laurie Hugget Wilde
John Southgate


Age of Sigmar Blood and Glory Rulespack

Age of Sigmar Blood and Glory Rulespack

The Blood and Glory Age of Sigmar rules pack is here.

This pack is 100% set in stone, there will however be an ADDITION to the pack to regarding TIEBREAKERS as a 200 player event with 5 rounds will result in a high number of players being on the same points totals for each bracket.

We are working on a secondary objective system that will be in play in each of the games in the AoS Championships.

These secondary objectives are still to be confirmed.  This will not change the result of a game, the battle plan will still decide that, but they will be the difference in who will win the event when 2 players are on equal battlepoints.

I want to post these by the 1st October but we ‘might’ leave it until registration to ensure they are properly tested.

Some Highlights from the rules pack.

Army Selection:

Armies can be unto 2000 points and are selected using the Battlehost Rules and Pitched Battle Profiles.
The following rules sections will be in use:
• Warscroll Battalions
• Allegiance Abilities
• Pitched Battles
• Realm of Battle
• Endless Spells


TERRAIN NOT REQUIRED. This year, we can happily tell you that all terrain will be provided for you. We’ll have a good selection of area semi LOS blocking and full LOS blocking terrain available for every table, so most armies should feel at home. When arriving at a table. If a piece of terrain is a Games Workshop model and has a Warscroll, then that Warscroll will be in use. Otherwise you should generate a terrain type using the Scenery chart.


Each round we will be playing one of the 18 Battleplans from the Age of Sigmar Core Rules and the Generals Handbook (listed on Pg49 of GHB18).
Additionally, we will be playing each round in a a different Realm of Battle and and using the Realm Magic, Realm Commands and Realmscape Features for that realm found in the Core Book and Malign Sorcery.


The full event timetable is here:

If you are considering coming along and still need to get a ticket you can do so here


Blood and Glory poster

Blood and Glory poster

The wonderful Steve Wren had made us a poster so gaming stores can display them for us to get the word out about the event.

If you run a store or a gaming centre ad would like to help us out by displaying a poster please let me know and I will get one shipped out.


Warhammer TV appearance.

This afternoon I am heading over to Warhammer World to talk to Ceri on Warhammer TV about one of my favourite hobby topics, community building.

Myself and Ben Johnson from the Design studio will be talking about our experiences in the hobby setting up our local Age of Sigmar games club and give Ing ideas on how you can do similar.

Check out the show at 4pm on Wednesday at or subscribe to watch back later.

Extra Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy tickets now on sale

Extra Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy tickets now on sale

After reviewing space at the venue last week we are now able to open up more space for both Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy.

Age of Sigmar goes from 150 players to 200 and Horus Heresy from 50 to 100.

If you have already picked up a reserve ticket it will be transferred to a place at the event. This means that we have already sold 170 places for Age of Sigmar. If you don’t want to miss out grab a ticket before they sell out again.

Get tickets at

The Blood and Glory Bar

This year at Blood and Glory we are opening a bar area where you can hang out away from the event and chill out without being confined to the gaming areas.

Just down the corridor from gaming hall, we have arranged with the venue to have food and drink served in their on-site restaurant

Located in the converted old Engine Shed house of Derby’s historic Roundhouse, the Engine Shed Restaurant boasts a handsome environment, steeped in railway history, creating a spacious and contemporary area.

we have access here through out the weekend so if you are planning on heading out for drinks why not stay on site instead.

WiP Wednesday

WiP Wednesday


#WiPWednesday is how we will be showing the progress made each week with the event.

From terrain builds, to rules pack progress and table layouts each we we will be using the Hashtag #WiPWednesday and #BloodandGlory to put out an update about the Blood and Glory event.

Feel free to join in the fun and share with us what you have been doing in the hobby and also in preparation for Blood and Glory.

Get Tickets for Blood and Glory

Hotels near to the event

Hotels near to the event

If you are coming to Blood and Glory 2018 then here is a useful list to help you find a hotel.

We are very close to the Derby Train Station and surrounded by hotels.  Here is  a list of the closest places to stay.

Event Location – The Round House, Roundhouse Road, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JE
Hotel Address Price per night Distance Website
Holiday Inn Express Wheelwright Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HX, United Kingdom £53 0.4 mile Click Here
Holiday Inn  Riverlights Morledge, Derby, DE1 2AY, £51 1 mile Click Here
Premier Inn The Wyvern, Stanier Way, Derby DE21 6BF £30 – £45 1.7 miles Click Here
Premier Inn Morledge, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 2BB £30 – £45 1 mile Click Here
Premier Inn Full Street, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 3AF £30 – £46 1.6 miles Click Here
Midland Hallmark Midland Road, Derby, DE1 2SQ £100 0.7 mile Click Here
Jurys Inn Kings Street, Derby, DE1 3DB £50 – £75 1.8 miles Click Here
The Stewart 119 London Road, Derby, DE1 2QR £49 – £79 0.8 mile Click Here
Cathedral Qtr 16 St Mary’s Gate, Derby, DE1 3JR £60 1.9 miles Click Here
Derby Conf Centre London Road Alvaston, Derby DE24 8UX £65 1.2 miles Click Here
Travelodge Cricket Ground The County Ground, Nottingham Road, Derby, Derbyshire DE21 6DA £34 – £55 1.7 miles Click Here
Travelodge Pride Park Prospect Place, Millenium Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8HG £34 – £55 1 mile Click Here
Aston Court Hotel Midland Road, Derby, DE1 2SL £39 – £46 0.7 mile Click Here
Other useful booking sites