New Event added – Warhammer Skirmish

New Event added – Warhammer Skirmish

We have just added a new event to the line-up, Warhammer Skirmish.

This event will run by JonKerr (from the Tale of Four Geeks Podcast) on Saturday evening.

Warhammer Skirmish

  • Saturday Evening
  • 5 Games
  • Regiment of Renown Rules
  • Fast and Furious!
  • Painting and Sports Scores
  • Scenarios
  • Awesome Prize Suppport

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The full rules pack will be out in the not too distant future, but Jon has already started making plans and discussions have begun on the Warhammer Forum about minor changes to the Regiment of Renown rules pack from Games Workshop.

This is shaping up to be a really fun event to kick back and chill out with a change of pace after the first 3 games of the championships.


Painting Scores Explained on the Bad Dice Daily

Painting Scores Explained on the Bad Dice Daily

Episode 271 of the Bad Dice Daily was released today an the whole episode was about the painting scores at Blood and Glory.

You can check out the show at 

Here is the painting system.

Blood and Glory Painting Scoring

One of our major objectives for the Blood and Glory event is to embrace all aspects of the hobby and painting is a huge area.  It is also one of the most controversial when it come to tournament gaming.

With this in mind we set ourselves some goals and then created a way of reaching them with our painting system.

Our 2 major goals for painting scoring are:

To have a great looking event.  This means not just attract some spectacular high end armies, but also to achieve a high overall standard by removing the armies that pull down the overall painting standard of the event.

Award players of all levels for putting in the effort to create a nice looking army while not giving too large an advantage at the top end.

The Minimum Blood and Glory Standard

The Minimum Blood and Glory Standard (Or Minimum Basic Gaming Standard, MBGS for short) is the basic level that we require every army at our event to adhere to.  This applies to every game system played at the event.

All parts of all models are appropriately and neatly painted and shaded or highlighted.  The bases are painted and textured and all units of more than a single model have appropriately sized painted movement trays.

Models that do not meet this standard will be removed from the event.


Painting will be scored using a clear and easy to understand check list.  The following areas will be checked – Painting, Basing, Movement Trays, Conversions, Terrain.  In addition there will be a bonus checklist of points that do not fall into these categories.

Each category can score 4 points and with the bonus check list there is a maximum of 25 points available.

We are capping painting scores at 20 points.

This give players a number of different ways to attain a higher score by working to the areas in which they excel and avoid being penalized for not having skills in other areas.


  • 2 Points for meeting the MBGS.
  • 1 Point for a generally higher than basic standard.  To award this we would be looking for signs of shading and highlighting above just a single wash or drybrushing.
  • 1 Point for an Advanced level of painting.  To award this we would be looking for multiple painting techniques well executed to a high standard


  • 2 Points for meeting the MBGS.
  • 1 Point for a generally higher than basic standard.  To award this we would be looking for use of multiple type of textures and painting and highlighing used where required
  • 1 Point for an Advanced level of basing.  To award this we would be looking for multiple  well executed basing techniques.

Movement Trays

  • 2 Points for meeting the MBGS.
  • 1 point for Trays being painted and textured to match the units bases.
  • 1 Point for an extra effort to make the trays seem part of the unit.  To award this we would be looking for more than just a sanded and flocked tray, extra attention paid to the bases would be continued to the trays.


  • 2 Points for all 4 pieces of terrain being painted to the MBGS
  • 1 Point if generally higher than basic painting and/or modeling techniques have been used on 1 piece of terrain
  • 1 Point if generally higher than basic painting and/or modeling techniques have been used on all 4 pieces of terrain


  • 2 Points for the army having a few basic conversions throughout (basic kit bashing, weapon or head swaps, alternate figures for characters).
  • 1 Point for either a high number of basic conversions across the army or a smaller number of higher level conversions.  To award this we wold be looking for reposed models using green stuff, basic sculpting, in depth kit bashing.
  • 1 point for the army having at least 1 Advanced Conversion.  To award this we would be looking for multiple conversion techniques used in detail on a single figure.

Bonus Points

  • 1 point for bringing a display board.  To award this we are looking for something that enhances the look of your army, not just to give a point for bringing a tray.  It should be painted to the MBGS for bases
  • 1 Point for a generally higher than basic standard of display board.  To award this we would be looking for use of multiple type of textures and painting and highlighing used where required.
  • 1 Point for some freehand painting in your army.  To Award this we only need to see a single attempt.  Have a go, you might surprise yourself!
  • 1 Point for an impressive centerpiece to your army.
  • 1 point for an impressive overall effect.  To award this we are looking for an army that Wows the judges.

As you can see from the breakdown of scores, all armies at the event will score 10 points for getting the first point in each category.  The 2nd point in each will be very easy to get with just a little more effort across the whole army.  That will get you a score of 15 points and you now have 10 areas to pick up 5 more points.


Welcome to Blood and Glory

Welcome to Blood and Glory

It give me great pleasure to announce ‘Blood and Glory’ the first ‘official’ event from the Bad Dice Podcast. It will be an event where you can have a whole weekend of having a great time playing WFB and hanging out with like minded people with plenty to interest grizzled veterans and fresh faced noobies alike.

Blood & Glory – A Bad Dice Podcast Event

20/21/22 September 2013

Blood & Glory is not just another tournament, far from it, there will be loads of other things to do as well. The centrepiece of the weekend will indeed be a 2 day, 6 game WFB Championship event, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to show off (and be awarded for) your hobby talents, as well as see other, awesome armies and paint jobs. At Blood & Glory, there are lots of extra activities to take part in outside of the Championships. Friday offers open gaming and WFB 500, Warmachine and Malifaux events, seminars for gamers and painters alike. While Saturday night will include more open gaming (if you still want more!), a pub quiz, board gaming, seminars and more to be announced. Alongside all of this will be the awesome event coverage that you have come to expect from Bad Dice. Interviews with players, photos of armies and the usual Audio and Visual treat.[hr]

The Blood & Glory Ethos.

It’s worth underlining the Bad Dice Team’s aim for this whole event. It goes without saying that we want everyone to leave having had an amazing weekend. We also want to give players new to the tournament scene the chance to jump in without feeling total out of their depth while giving the regulars an event that they will be more than happy to recommend to their friends and can’t wait to attend again the following year.

We want to celebrate all areas of the hobby but keep the competitive edge that is part of the fun of tournament gaming. My personal highlight from most of the events I have attended over the years is the social side. The events that stick in the memory are the ones that offer lots for the players to do and keeps them gathered in one place in the evenings. We will make sure that no matter your preference for a tournament evening, we should have something on offer to keep you entertained and having a great time. Between the Bad Dice team, and our huge list of advisors, helpers and contributors we have attended and organised 100’s of events, this lets us see what works well, what we like and dislike and what we want to bring to Blood & Glory.

So onto the bits you all want to know and the bits that you really need to think about before attending.


Blood & Glory will be an out of the book Warhammer Event. We at Bad Dice believe that out of the book Warhammer has not been given a fair crack of the whip in the UK. The events that are run as ‘no comp’ are usually billed as ‘its no comp, go nuts’ and this is normally what people do, there are some notable exceptions to this but generally we think that No Comp does not have to mean win at all costs and ultra competitive attitudes. Saying that, we all know there there are imbalances in Warhammer (even Jervis Johnson has written articles discussing the need for comp at tournaments) and we are aiming to level the playing field using scenarios. These scenarios will not be published before the event. It is our hope that the unknown element will impact some list design but you can be certain that to go with the tournaments name, blood and glory (and more to the point, Fortitude) will play a huge role. Do not fear that you will waste points bringing banners and find that you only needed them in 1 game. Fortitude will play a starring role in each of the scenarios. Do not feel that you need to bring an army that will smash your opponent by a clear 1500 victory points, in these scenarios it will not be required. A flexible list, lots of fortitude and a solid grasp of claiming your various objectives is the way to get a high battle score in this event.


There is an age old debate around painting scores impacting the overall score in a tournament. At Blood & Glory the painting scores will play a part. There will be a large amount of painting scores in this event. We will be using a system that is laid out in advance and will be achivable to all standards of painting. We don’t for a second expect that everyone has an award winning army in them, but we do want to see (and award) an effort to present an nice army and also award degrees of effort. Even a self confessed terrible painter should we a good amount of effort be able to score very highly in the painting section.


Sports has been a hot topic recently. We want our event to be a showcase for fun competitive gaming and people that go out of their way to ensure that happens will be awarded for doing so.


The list of awards for this event will be huge. At the moment we have Hobby Champion, Best General 1,2,3. Best Painted Army (Judges Choice) 1,2,3. Best Appearance (players choice) 1,2,3. Most Sporting Player 1,2,3. and more are to be added.

Side Events

Friday Night – WFB 500, Warmachine and Malifaux events. Open gaming and Board gaming. Saturday Night – Board Gaming, Poker Tournament and more TBC


Podcasting. Gaming. Painting. Roughly 20 mins per session.


The event is held in Derby at the Grange Banqueting Suites. The Grange Banqueting Site 457 Burton Road Littleover Derby DE23 6XX There are loads of local hotels and B+B’s and I will put out a list of these will be going up on the event website.

In Summary

Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available. Tickets will be going on sale on Sunday 23rd June 2013 to Snake Eyes members before going on general sale a few days later and with only 80 places available I expect the championships to sell out very very quickly!! Thanks for reading and I look forwards to seeing you all at the event!

Ben Curry

-Tournament Organiser

Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to Blood and Glory!

The site is coming along nicely and getting filled up with all the cool stuff you need to know about the Bad Dice Podcast Blood & Glory event.

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates.