Here are all the rules packs for all the events at Blood and Glory.

Blood and Glory 2019 Rulespacks

The 2019 event rules pack are getting published over the next few weeks.  Here you can find the packs from previous years to give you an idea of what to expect.

Age of Sigmar 

Warhammer 40000 Championships 2019

Horus Heresy B&G

Adeptus Titanicus B&G

Warhammer Underworlds



2017 Rules Packs

Age Of Sigmar Championships

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition

[button link=””]Horus Heresy Rulespack[/button]

The Horus Heresy event at Blood and Glory 2017 is ran by the Imperial Truth Podcast.  Not to be missed this is a narrative gaming experience like no other.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Warhammer Achievements

5 Games of narrative driven fun AoS battles.
Variable army sizes
5 games, 2 day event Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017
Win by doing cool stuff and making fun decisions rather than battlefield prowess.

[button link=””]Achievements Rulespack [/button]

Warhammer Achievements is the only event of its kind in the table top gaming world.  Playing Age of Sigmar without the need to rely on your table top prowess to get results.  the event focus on having fun and doing cool stuff with your army and in the games.

2015 Rules Packs

  • Age of Sigmar: Skirmish

    • This is the rules pack for the Saturday Evening Skirmish event.  This is still a WIP rulspack.  Currently looking at the total pool choice and minimum force size.


2014 Rules Packs



  • WFB 1200

    • The WFB 1200 event is run on friday afternoon.  1200 points, 3 games.


  • WFB 500

    • WFB 500 is a fast a furious format.  With only 500 points per side the games are quick and fun.  This event runs on friday evening.


  • WFB Skirmish

    • This is a Regiments of Renown event run by Jon Kerr from Tale of 4 Geeks podcast and blog.  Grab your war band and take part in this small scale warhammer event.  Any questions about the rules pack for this event should be directed to


  • Event Timetable

    • The overall timetable for all events at Blood and Glory 2014.


  • Warhammer Painting

    • The painting requirements and scoring guidelines for all the Warhammer events.


  • X-Wing

    • The rules pack for all X-Wing events at Blood and Glory 2014


 Previous Years

This is the archive of all the downloads from previous Blood and Glory events.

2013 Rules Packs

2013 Time Table and Schedules

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