Welcome to the home of The Blood and Glory gaming convention from Bad Dice.

The 2019 event is held at The Roundhouse in Derby on November 1/2/3


Over the weekend we are running events from all of Games Workshops games.  Shadespire, Bloodbowl, Titanicus and lots more.

Starting at 11am on FRIDAY 2nd Nov

Age of Sigmar 1200 Points
40k 1000points
Underworlds 3 Round event
and more tbc


We are running smaller points level events that we have had a lot of success with at our clubnights

Age of Sigmar 700 points
40k 600 points
Underworlds Single round winner


Age Of Sigmar Championships
40k Championships
Hours Heresy Narrative Event
Warhammer Achievemnts
Blood Bowl
Warhammer Underworlds Grand Clash


This is where we play Skirmish Level games

Age Of Sigmar Skirmish
40K and Heresy Kill Team Level
Underworlds Single round battles
Leviathons Monster Arena Battles for Monsters from All game Systems

blood and glory ironman


THE BLOOD AND GLORY IRONMAN is what sets us apart as the endurance gaming event.  To be awarded with the title of Ironman you would need to have played in every event over the weekend and defeated all other Ironman competitors to take away the prize of overall Blood and Glory Champion


Rules packs

All the event rules packs will be added here as they are published

Age of Sigmar

The Blood and Glory Age of Sigmar rules pack is here.

This pack is 100% set in stone, there will however be an ADDITION to the pack to regarding TIEBREAKERS as a 200 player event with 5 rounds will result in a high number of players being on the same points totals for each bracket.

We are working on a secondary objective system that will be in play in each of the games in the AoS Championships.

These secondary objectives are still to be confirmed.  This will not change the result of a game, the battle plan will still decide that, but they will be the difference in who will win the event when 2 players are on equal battlepoints.

I want to post these by the 1st October but we ‘might’ leave it until registration to ensure they are properly tested.

40k Rulespack

Horus Heresy Rules pack

Shadespire Grand Clash Rules Pack

The Bad Dice Ethos

It’s worth underlining the Bad Dice Team’s aim for this whole event. It goes without saying that we want everyone to leave having had an amazing weekend. We also want to give players new to the tournament scene the chance to jump in without feeling total out of their depth while giving the regulars an event that they will be more than happy to recommend to their friends and can’t wait to attend again the following year.

We want to celebrate all areas of the hobby but keep the competitive edge that is part of the fun of tournament gaming. My personal highlight from most of the events I have attended over the years is the social side. The events that stick in the memory are the ones that offer lots for the players to do and keeps them gathered in one place in the evenings. We will make sure that no matter your preference for a tournament evening, we should have something on offer to keep you entertained and having a great time. Between the Bad Dice team, and our huge list of advisors, helpers and contributors we have attended and organised 100’s of events, this lets us see what works well, what we like and dislike and what we want to bring to Blood & Glory.

The event is taking place at the Roundhouse in Derby. A beautifully renovated listed building that is the perfect setting for a gaming event.

The Bad Dice event ethos is firmly in place here, we want to see amazing armies on the best gaming tables with game mats and terrain on each board. Gamers of all levels of experience are welcome from total newcomers to the hobby right up to grizzled veterans, we have something for everyone.